Meet Our Founder



I'm Breigha Adeyemo (pronounced bree - ya). I'm a wife and mother of 3 wonderful kids. I have been crafting all natural skincare products over 8 years now. I officially began Iya Natural in July 2021.

I began crafting natural skincare because I wanted access to non-toxic skincare that I could trust for me and my family. My kids also suffered from really bad eczema breakouts, so that was another spur for me to begin my natural skincare journey. I felt making them myself (thereby controlling the ingredients) was the best way to ensure we were getting quality skincare without the toxic ingredients.

Little did I know I would fall in love with this natural journey. From the formulating to the crafting, I love the entire process! As someone who never saw myself as a creative person, making plant-based skincare (especially soapmaking) has allowed me to discover this side of me.

Now I share my love of plant-based skincare with all of you. My motto is: "Love the skin you're in". I truly believe we can attain and maintain healthy skin naturally.

Thanks for taking time to read more about me and how I started Iya Natural Skincare. 


Breigha Adeyemo, Owner