Custom Event Order

Are you planning a special event? Thank your guests in a special way. Handmade gifts communicate thoughtfulness and appreciation in a unique way. Whether it's a wedding, baby or bridal shower, birthday or anniversary celebration, graduation, or any other special occasion, don't hesitate to contact us for a custom order.

We're here to create a custom event order that matches your vision! Feel free to browse our Custom Order Gallery at the bottom of this page.

Custom orders include the following:

  • free consultation
  • custom design and/or scent (optional)
  • personalized¬†product labels/packaging (optional)
  • wholesale pricing (when you meet our minimum order quantity)

Minimum processing times* and quantity-based wholesale pricing are as follows:


Processing Time Minimum Order Quantity Wholesale Pricing

Custom Soap

(full-size bars)

6-8 weeks

Multiples of 25 for full-size bars (~5.2 oz/bar)

25 full-size bars = 20% off ($8.00/bar)

50+ full-size bars =  25% off ($7.50/bar)

Custom Soap

(half-size bars)

6-8 weeks

Multiples of 50 for half-size bars (~2.6 oz/bar)

50 half-size bars = 20% off ($4.00/bar)

100+ half-size bars =  25% off ($3.75/bar)

Choose from our Artisan Soap Collection

6-8 weeks

10 full-size bars OR

20 half-size bars

10-15 full-size bars = 15% off ($8.50/bar)*

16-30 full-size bars = 20% off ($8.00/bar)*

31+ full-size bars =  25% off ($7.75/bar)*

Body Butter

(6 oz. glass jar)

3-4 weeks 24 jars

24-49 jars = 20% off ($14.40/jar)

50+ jars = 30% off ($12.60/jar)

Lip Balm 2-3 weeks 25 tubes

25-49 tubes = 14% off ($3/tube)

50+ tubes = 21% off ($2.75/tube)


    *Processing time is dependent on our availability. Please note that the sooner you are in contact, the better the chances of your customer order being accepted. 


    To start your custom order inquiry, please complete the form below. We will respond to your email inquiry within 48 hours.




    Custom Order Gallery

    Networking Event
    50 each of mini soap bars, lip balms, & 2 oz body butters


    Custom Soap for Personal Use