Collection: Artisan Soaps

Our all natural soaps are luxury at its finest. Moisturizing, creamy lathers, and a host of skin benefits. All thanks to the amazing properties of nature's ingredients!

Iya Natural soaps are made from scratch using in-house formulas and the cold process method. Making them in small batches helps ensure consistency and the best quality.

When you purchase our plant-based bars of soap, you're getting just that: soap! When you pay for liquid body wash, you primarily pay for water because that is the main ingredient. Our soaps cure (meaning the water evaporates and the saponification completes) for at least 4 weeks. This means Iya Natural soaps have very little water remaining and you are getting exactly what you pay for. 

Our soaps are also very moisturizing for 2 reasons.

  1. Cold process soaps have naturally occurring glycerin, which draws moisture to your skin.
  2. We superfat all of our soaps, meaning we leave a portion of the oils in our soap unsaponified. This provides more moisture for your skin.

Our soaps can be used all over your body, every single day! Also, check out our specially curated soap collections.

Artisan Soaps