Honey for Minor Burn Treatment

Honey for Minor Burn Treatment

If you've ever burned yourself touching a hot object, reaching over a lit candle, or straining a steamy pot of boiled pasta, this blog post is for you.

Honey isn't just a tasty additive in tea and on fresh-out-the-oven biscuits. It's also an ancient remedy for healing wounds, especially burns. I first learned about honey's beneficial use for burn wounds from my mother-in-law who, after seeing me burn myself reaching over a hot pan I'd just pulled from the oven, told me to put honey on it. I did... and to my surprise, it worked like a miracle. I no longer felt the burning sensation immediately. While my arm was sticky for a while, it was well worth it!

How to Use Honey for Minor Burns

1. Immediately after a burn, apply a small amount of honey (preferably organic, all natural honey if you can... to avoid a bunch of added sugar) to the area. You only need just enough to cover the burn area, so no need to lay it on thick.

2. Wait for the burning to stop (typically 1-2 minutes or less).

I once burned my hand when making lye solution (which reaches over 200 degrees Fahrenheit) for soapmaking preparation.  A splash of the lye solution entered my fingernail cuticle (I didn't realize there was a small hole in my glove!). The burning sensation was almost unbearable. I applied honey and it took about a full 4 minutes for the burning sensation to fully stop (though it did slowly subside within that time). Notice in the instructions above I mention it should only take about 1-2 minutes, but for burns that cover a larger surface area, or happen to get into a crevice (like a nail cuticle), it could take longer. Even so, honey is the best natural solution for treating minor burns.



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